Amazon Expands Palm-Scanning Tech into the Corporate Space

Amazon introduced its biometric payment system in 2021 for grocery chain Whole Foods
Amazon Expands Palm-Scanning Tech into the Corporate Space

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Amazon is taking its palm-scanning technology to the next level with the launch of Amazon One Enterprise. This new system is designed for the business world, allowing corporate employees to use their palms to authenticate office spaces and sensitive information.

Initially introduced for grocery store purchases, palm-based payments have been enhanced to provide employees with a secure way of entering their workplaces and accessing their confidential information. This innovative technology replaces current security and authentication methods such as fobs, badges, or passwords.

Several leading companies, including IHG Hotels & Resorts, Boon Edam, and Kone, have already signed up for Amazon One Enterprise. The service is currently in preview in the US, with no disclosed pricing details yet.

Amazon is pitching Amazon One Enterprise as a cost-efficient and secure alternative for business organizations. Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Amazon Web Services Applications, underscored the system's privacy and convenience. He emphasized the ease of access to physical locations and software assets with a palm scan.

Amazon unveiled its biometric payment system in 2021 for grocery chain Whole Foods. Despite concerns from advocacy groups regarding privacy and security, Amazon has defended the technology, stating that palm recognition is more private than other biometric systems.

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I think this is amazing. Amazon is always growing and conquering new horizons. I had the opportunity of using this system in the grocery chain Whole Foods in London. 

On the other hand, I'm not sure that the security Amazon system will really be a competition for the companies which are specialised in control and access.