Add Related Content to Your Post - Tip #20

Add Related Content to Your Post - Tip #20

Did you know that you can highlight an additional piece of content or web page in your post? It’s a great way to add context by offering additional resources and inviting readers to take a deeper dive. And it’s as easy as copying and pasting a url. 

Here's how it works:

When you’ve added Related Content to your post, it will appear as a small preview banner just above your text. Your readers will immediately see the additional content that may be of interest. What a great way to engage your audience! 

Related Content displayed below poster image

Your linked content can point to an article or video that complements your topic. It may be:

  • A case study posted on your website
  • A featured article in a trade publication
  • A Whitepaper
  • A podcast
  • A webinar
  • A post hosted here on Xchange!

The “Related Content” feature is available in your editor just below the Channel and Room selection drop downs. You’ll simply click on it and paste your desired url.  Allow it to populate your preview and SAVE!

Adding Related Content in the editor

Here's a recent post from Yamaha that provides readers with more information on the topic through another post here on Xchange:Yamaha's use of Related Content

See how it looks/works here: NEXO Updates NS-1 System Software to Integrate Yamaha Speaker Systems and AFC Design Assistant

Take advantage of this key feature in your next post!

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about 2 months ago

This is great advice Lisa!  These tips are becoming an excellent tool for leveraging the wide array of capabilities of the Xchange - and for digital engagement in general.