A secure job for the next 10 years

Having over 30 years experience in the making of digital content, from webmaster to photoshop expert (Print, VFX, Web & UX-UI design), from programmer (C#, XAML,Html, Css), MacOS expert (servers to IT network) to paid professionally videomaker and scriptwriter, maybe I can share this conviction.
A secure job for the next 10 years

First, since this is my first post on this platform, I shall just share today a personnal insight on a question I have been asked yesterday, but I shall produce several coming articles for those interested in the making of digital content with professional tips on tools such as DaVinci Resolve (my daily tool), different IA's I use for professional work, Web advice, Wordpress and extension tips, MacOs remarks, etc..

So a young man shared with me his incertainty on choosing his future job, and asked me if he should take a path leading to computer programming.

Although there is a strong demand for programmers, I thought I should advise him to start a company with one job I knew for certain would be secure and definitively sure for the next coming 10 years.

I have started programming basic on apple II+ at the age of 15, went on creating animations on it with the first softwares available at 16. Since, I have been a Photoshop teacher for editing companies, a webmaster for IT companies (when Google had just launched it's search engine), a UX-UI corporate designer for clients such as EDF, Schneider electric, Hermes, BNP.., a PC tech (assembling all the hardware and formating them), a Microsoft server and MacOs server integrator for corporates, a programmer (C#, Html/CSS, Xaml), a network architect for Art galleries, a corporate videomaker and 3D graphist, and finished (with diplomas) in motion design and editing filmaking and making shorts as indie filmmaker. All of it, paid at professional level. So I believe now as a senior to have a pretty good view of the creative digital content market and a 360° view of anything related to computers and networks.

Yet for what I can see, there is right now only one real booming tech that is at it's birth.. and that's IA tech. It is starting just the way personnal computers appeared on the market. It revolutionized, not only the world of computing and computing corporates, but the world in itself at a personnal level all nations confronted. IA has the same start with the same exponential growth.. and happens to be just unstoppable also. Being unavoidable because of budget shortage or constant decrease in content production and the neccessity of having things done right away.

My advice to any young student wondering what's the most sure job that won't disappear in the next 10 years ? it would be, to become an IA usage expert. Knowing them all, their functionalities, how to use and integrate them in production, even how to create and personnalize them, will definetely assure you a secure income as an indenpendant consultant or a necessary tech (just like social media today) for the next decade.

With all my knowledge and experience, that's a sure conviction inside me.

(PS Picture was generated with Midjourney for a DVD project )

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