A Pre Show Perspective from an Infocomm First Timer

In this episode of Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas is joined by Izzi Demara of RoomReady, a first-timer at this year's Infocomm. Get an insider's perspective on the excitement and expectations from a newcomer.
A Pre Show Perspective from an Infocomm First Timer

Welcome to another episode of Pro AV Today with your host, Ben Thomas! This week, we have a special guest joining us – Izzi Demara from RoomReady. Izzi is a newer voice in the world of professional AV and is about to attend her very first Infocomm show. In this conversation, we’ll get a unique pre-show perspective on what it’s like to be a first-timer at this major industry event.

Tune in to hear Izzi and Ben discuss:

• The anticipation and excitement leading up to Infocomm, and how Izzi is preparing for her first experience at the event.

• The most intriguing aspects of the show for newcomers, from the latest technology trends to networking opportunities.

• The importance of Infocomm for RoomReady’s business and how attending the show helps them stay ahead in the AV industry.

• Tips for making the most of the trade show experience, especially for first-timers.

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5 months ago

as a first-timer myself, these are some great tips from both of you @Ben Thomas !