Streaming the Game: Transforming Sports Broadcasting in the Digital Era

This episode of Pro AV Today with Ben Thomas and Jed Corenthal of Phenix RTS discusses the transformative shift in sports broadcasting towards streaming platforms, focusing on the technological advancements and viewer engagement strategies that are shaping the future of the industry.
Streaming the Game: Transforming Sports Broadcasting in the Digital Era

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The recent rise of streaming services over traditional terrestrial television has marked a significant shift in how audiences consume sports content. This evolution is propelled by advancements in digital technology and changing viewer preferences, emphasizing the need for a more immediate and interactive broadcast experience. The stakes are high, with platforms like Peacock streaming record-breaking events and Amazon securing exclusive rights to stream NFL playoff games, indicating a clear move towards digital consumption. The core question emerging from this trend is: How is the infrastructure of sports broadcasting evolving to meet the demands of streaming, and what implications does this have for broadcasters and viewers alike?

Pro AV Today, hosted by Ben Thomas and featuring guest Jed Corenthal from Phenix RTS, dives deep into this topic. The episode explores the transformation of sports broadcasting in the digital era, focusing on the technological, operational, and viewer experience challenges and opportunities.

Jed Corenthal, Chief Marketing Officer at Phenix RTS, brings a wealth of experience in real-time streaming technology. With a background in digital marketing and a deep understanding of the sports broadcasting industry, Corenthal’s insights shed light on the evolving landscape of sports media consumption. His expertise highlights the critical role of innovative streaming solutions in overcoming latency issues and improving the overall fan experience.

Here are a few key points that the pair discusses:

– The Shift Towards Streaming: An examination of the increasing preference for streaming sports content over traditional TV, and the implications for broadcasters.

– Infrastructure and Technology Challenges: Discussion on the necessary technological advancements and infrastructure updates required to deliver a seamless streaming experience.

– The Future of Sports Broadcasting: Insights into upcoming trends, including real-time streaming and the integration of interactive and multi-view features to enhance viewer engagement.

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