10: Joe’ Lloyd Joins the brAVe Space | brAVe [space] Podcast

One the next episode.....the amazing Britt Yenser invited me to sit down and chat with her all things career, women and so much.
10: Joe’ Lloyd Joins the brAVe Space | brAVe [space] Podcast

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Recorded on April 6th, 2023

On this episode of brAVe [space] Britt talks with Joe’ Lloyd about diverse hiring, the HETMA Prism Scholarship, how making assumptions can be a symptom of toxic masculinity, personal branding, Barbie shoes, and more! Joe’ is a master class in being your authentic self and NOT having imposter syndrome, so be sure to tune in if you struggle with either of those things. And listen to the end so you know our action items!


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10 months ago

Thanks for sharing this here, Joé!