PDF - 7-Eleven Digital Signs

Nice digital display signage work by CreativeRealities (cri.com) for major convenience store 7-Eleven. This was a bit of tempting cheese for some promo email and I watch 7-Eleven (and Circle K for that matter). Good cheese!

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This was a nice piece by CRI.  I did an article here on AVIXA covering "Starbucks, oops I mean 7-Eleven..." which has a video of one of the stores.

Below is some more info.

Resource -  Creative Realities, Inc.
Creative Realities helps clients use the latest omnichannel technologies to inspire better customer experiences. The company designs, develops and deploys digital marketing experiences for high-end enterprise-level networks, and is actively providing recurring SaaS and support services across diverse vertical markets, including but not limited to automotive, advertising networks, fashion/multi-brand retail, convenience retail, quick-service restaurant, cinema, and stadium venues. The company has operations across North America with active installations in more than 10 countries.

They've done work for Mcdonald's and Circle K for that matter. Big outfit and recently merged with Reflect I think

Here is their site -- https://cri.com/

Here is a short video from another article here on AVIXA

More Work by CRI

CRI also did some outdoor signage for McDonalds. Reminds me of McDrive in Germany

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