Digital Signage in an Experience Economy| Keynote by Florian Rotberg

Presentation by Rotberg at AVIXA Seminars during InfoComm India Summit program.

Florian Rotberg, Managing Director, invidis Consulting GmbH

In Florian Rotberg's keynote on the digital signage industry across the United States, Europe and Asia and particularly in various vertical markets he provides insights into the dynamics of the digital signage market, highlighting the diverse challenges and opportunities across different industry segments and regions. The presentation was comprehensive, featuring a wealth of case studies and illustrations of marquee digital signage projects worldwide.

Here's a summary and attached are the insights presented by Rotberg during the InfoComm India summit. 

  • Research and Market Trends suggest that the education sector experienced a significant boost in digital signage demand during the pandemic, with installations of screens and video cameras. However, in Europe, education funding primarily comes from government sources, and with budget constraints and inflation, there's a decrease in spending in this sector.
  • Retail Sector: The retail sector, especially non-retail, has shown growth in digital signage demand. While it's still growing, with retailers needing to catch up and likely investing in various digital signage solutions.
  • The industrial sector is investing in digital signage for factory workshops. This includes displaying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from different systems, providing information to employees in various languages, and improving communication within factories.
  • Digital signage has transitioned from being a nice-to-have to being business-critical in many industries. For example, in airports, digital signage is essential for passenger guidance, and in restaurants, system failures can lead to closures. This shift towards critical functionality has led to increased investment in service contracts and remote device management.
  • The adoption of remote work has led to a reduction in office space investment. Companies are reevaluating their office layouts and screen requirements, which can affect the workplace digital signage sector.
  • The market outlook has experienced fluctuations, with a significant discrepancy between initial growth expectations and actual market performance. Factors such as recession challenges, inflation, and political uncertainty continue to influence the digital signage industry.

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