Robert Alumbaugh

President , Single Bullet Productions LLC

About Robert Alumbaugh

I love technology with a focus on the AV industry and the broadcast world.

When I am not working the integration side I am providing services for the entertainment industry. I along with my business partner are now providing film and audio content for international clientele.

On the entertainment side of my career:

I have worked for industry leaders and independent artists in my 25+ years in the entertainment industry. I am very fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to work with "A" list acts on the mixing/engineering side.

While holding the mantle of Head Audio for Las Vegas was brief I now move into a role supporting all the talented technicians and engineers we employ.

My previous touring engagement was as the audio crew chief and FOH System Tech for Brian Wilson Tour 2015-2018.

Artists include: Brian Wilson, Diana Krall, Steely Dan, The Black Crows, Megadeth, Andrea Bochelli, Aerosmith, Blues Traveler, Steven Tyler/Joe Perry Projects, America's Got Talent and more.

Specialties: FOH and MON engineering/tuning/optimization/infrastructure services. PA line array deployment and conceptual understanding (the overall placement and understanding of system deployment regardless of manufacture) freelance work for production houses. Audio, ADR and foley services.


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AV/IT Integration Business Consulting Content Creation End User Live Events/Meeting Planning Media Video/Film Production

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