Franciele Mesadri

Marketing Manager - LatAm, AVIXA

The Kiosk Association comprises companies involved in self-service, digital signage, digital menus, outdoor technology, kiosks, point-of-sale, smart city, thin client, EV charging and retail automation. Craig Keefner is the managing editor for all.  Sponsors include 


Alissa Haksar

Human Resources Business Partner, AVIXA

I am delighted to be part of the HR Department at AVIXA and an Ambassador of the Jobs Room of the Xchange! I hope to bring my 20+ years of broad-based experience in Human Resources, both in consulting and in-house roles, to our Xchange members as a helpful resource and source of information and best practices. 

Shawna Tates

Member Services Representative, Avixa

At Barco, we are all visioneers

At Barco, we believe truly great engineering starts with a clear vision. A vision of a better, smarter, healthier world.  

We are visioneers in every department, from R&D over manufacturing to services. It’s how we contribute to a bright tomorrow. 

At Barco, people come for the technology. And they stay for the people. 

We have a culture of collaboration across borders and nationalities. As an international company with European roots, we strive for a healthy work-life balance, continuous growth and an enriching career for everyone.

Here, you’ll find a great team of dedicated people. Passionate about technology, willing to make an impact. And driven by inspiring leaders who understand that innovation never stops. Who guide Barco through a continuous evolution. And together create a great place to work.  

What makes us tick

Innovating with impact

Innovation is all about sifting through ideas, finding the nuggets and turning them into executive effectiveness – quickly. 

That’s exactly what we do. Our  focus is on advanced display & projection, image processing, connectivity, and computational optics. 

Moving towards a sustainable future

Sustainability is embedded in all of our business processes: from our dealings with suppliers to our own operations and production.

Our eco-scoring label gives an indication of the entire eco-design performance of our products unique in the industry.

Embracing diversity

We believe that diversity leads to a greater variety of ideas and ways of looking at things. It helps us to drive innovation and brings us closer to our colleagues and customers. 

That’s why we want everyone to bring their true selves to work. We are all unique, and this is something we fully embrace.

Doing what is right

We ensure strong ethics, quality, security and compliance standards. For full peace of mind when doing business with us. 

Displays, Projectors, LED displays, Monitors, Video walls, Custom imaging, Display monitors, Projectors, Multi projector displays, Video walls, LED solutions, Image processing, Collaborative learning, ClickShare wireless presentation, AV control, 3D sound, Laser projection, Virtual reality, and Medical displays


Almacenes Audiovisuales es una empresa con más de 30 años de experiencia dedicada a la distribución de productos de Audio, Video y Automatización para la Industria Audiovisual y de TI.

Contamos con la Representación en México de Marcas líderes en el mercado a nivel mundial.

Estamos orientados a dar servicio de Asesoría directa, Capacitación y Soporte Técnico al Integrador a través de nuestros Ingenieros Certificados, además de contar con Centro de Servicio Autorizado para las marcas que distribuimos.

Rosana Hernandez


Marketing professional with +25 years of experience in various roles in leading international FMCG companies as well as in medium and small companies as a freelancer and Marketing Director.

At Laia we create and market professional audiovisual communication solutions. We are a young Spanish company, passionate about the latest technologies and obsessed with customer service, with international distribution through the professional channel. We offer a wide range of audiovisual solutions that help to enhance the collaboration and communication required in today’s world, helping to correctly adapt to the challenges and needs of different work environments and needs of different sectors such as mobility, remote work and meetings, education and hybrid training….. Our solutions are compatible with leading video conferencing and production services on the market. Our products have a 3-year Prime Warranty extendable to 5 years.

The AI & IoT camera company. 

Concepted and designed in Europe. 

Somos una de las empresas líderes de la industria AV en México; formada por un grupo de profesionales de probada experiencia, que siempre aplica las mejores prácticas, avalados por fabricantes y certificados por las asociaciones más importantes de la industria, hemos desarrollado una estrategia que nos permite soportar proyectos AV/IT en todo el país y más allá de nuestras fronteras. Nuestra MISION es entregar soluciones de Comunicación mediante el Diseño de Integraciones Audiovisuales Innovadoras, desarrollamos entornos tecnológicos amigables que permitan a nuestros clientes comunicar ideas efectivas y mejorar la colaboración entre su equipo de trabajo. Nuestro compromiso es siempre estar cerca de nuestros clientes, analizamos y entendemos sus necesidades para transformarlas en experiencias de comunicación, rentables, simples y que aseguren un camino firme hacia los objetivos planteados por ellos. En un mundo tecnológico que cambia constantemente, hemos acumulado habilidades, experiencia y las mejores prácticas para ofrecer un amplio portafolio de servicios: • Diseño e Integración: o Soluciones AV & IT o UC / VC Comunicaciones Unificadas y Video Colaboración o Sistemas Broadcast y de Video Profesional o Sistemas de Cine Digital • Servicio y Mantenimiento de Sistemas AV • Soporte y reparación de equipos de AV Profesional

Proporcionamos soluciones tecnológicas para el sector profesional audiovisual y de consumo. Contamos con un amplio portafolio de soluciones respaldadas por las más importantes marcas tecnológicas a nivel mundial. Entregándole a nuestros clientes productos de conectividad y comunicación para una experiencia de transmisión excepcional.

We are the biggest audiovisual support provider in Latin America. We provide in-house service in 59 hotels and convention centers. We have 33 warehouses throughout Chile, Colombia, Miami (USA), Panama, and Peru.

Videoconferência modelo híbrido para empresas, escolas e home office. Câmeras com rastreamento automático do locutor, headsets com cancelamento de ruídos e automação de ambientes. Somos uma empresa composta por profissionais (engenheiros & técnicos) altamente qualificados, que atuam há 11 anos nas áreas de Telecomunicações, Automação de ambientes, Áudio & Vídeo. A QUADCOMM desde sua fundação conta com colaboradores certificados, pronta para atender ao mercado com a mais alta tecnologia, garantindo excelência no atendimento aos nossos clientes. Com a enorme variedade de equipamentos envolvidos em um projeto de alta tecnologia, se torna indispensável contar com a parceria de uma empresa com as nossas características, onde buscamos aproveitar sempre da melhor maneira, todos os benefícios que estas modernas soluções podem proporcionar aos nossos clientes. Videoconferencing hybrid model for companies, schools and home office. Cameras with automatic speaker tracking, noise-canceling headsets and room automation. We are a company made up of highly qualified professionals (engineers and technicians) who have been working for 11 years in the areas of Telecommunications, Environment Automation, Audio and Video. QUADCOMM since its foundation has certified employees, ready to serve the market with the latest technology, ensuring excellence in service to our customers. With the huge variety of equipment involved in a high-tech project, it is essential to have the partnership of a company with our characteristics, where we always seek to make the best use of all the benefits that these modern solutions can provide to our customers.

Somos uma provedora criativa de tecnologias visuais - uma das maiores da América Latina, também em operação na Europa. Com uma sólida experiência de mais de 35 anos, a On vem desenvolvendo e implantando os projetos mais ousados e instigantes nesta área, dos mais variados portes e abordagens.
Ajudamos a criar experiências audiovisuais relevantes e inspiradoras para marcas, organizações e pessoas.

We are a creative provider of visual technologies - one of the largest in Latin America, also operating in Europe. With a solid experience of over 35 years, On has been developing and implementing the most daring and thought-provoking projects in this area, of the most varied sizes and approaches.

Somos una Empresa Mexicana con más de 32 años de experiencia, dedicada a ofrecer soluciones tecnológicas avanzadas en AUDIO, VIDEO, SEGURIDAD, ILUMINACIÓN, CONTROL Y CONECTIVIDAD, y SEÑALIZACIÓN DIGITAL para aplicaciones comerciales y residenciales a través de nuestros socios de negocio, que atienden diferentes sectores. Representamos marcas líderes en su clase con reconocimiento mundial. We are a Mexican company with more than 31 years of experience, dedicated to offer advanced technological solutions in AUDIO, VIDEO, SECURITY, LIGHTING, CONTROL And CONNECTIVITY and DIGITAL SIGNAGE for commercial and residential applications through our business partners, serving different industries. We represent world-renowned, world-class brands.

NOVAXD ​is a company that emerged from the need for innovation and technology in brand experiences. We bring with us the experience of over 30 years in the area of events, serving agencies, scenography companies, and audio and video rental companies. Nowadays people don't want to hear about products anymore, but rather experience them. The world has gone from information marketing to experiential. Increasingly, products and companies need to bring memorable experiences to their customers. More than feeding them with information, today it is necessary to feed their souls!

NIZA es la empresa en México con 60 años de experiencia que integra soluciones llave en mano en sistemas de video, audio, colaboración, videoconferencia, telepresencia, control y TI. Ofrecemos servicios de diseño, programación, instalación, capacitación y mantenimiento para Salas de Videoconferencia y Colaboración, Salas de Juntas, Salas de Consejo, Aulas de Capacitación, Auditorios, Salones Interactivos, Centros de Comando y Control, Salas de Crisis y Atención a Emergencias, Audio distribuido y distintas aplicaciones de Señalización Digital. Hemos trabajado con una gran variedad de clientes nacionales e internacionales con operaciones en México que se desempeñan en sectores como seguridad, energético, financiero, transporte, telecomunicaciones, corporativo, hospitalidad, comercial, entretenimiento y educativo. Contamos con un equipo de expertos multidisciplinarios capacitados y certificados por las más prestigiosas marcas y asociaciones de la industria AV profesional a nivel internacional, como lo son GPA, AVIXA y CEDIA. Cada proyecto es desarrollado de acuerdo a los requerimientos de cada cliente, convirtiendo sus necesidades en experiencias extraordinarias.


Somos una empresa colombiana fundada en marzo del año 2010. Contamos con un equipo de profesionales con experiencia desde el año 2006 en:

  • Diseño
  • Consultaría
  • Integración audiovisual
  • Automatización residencial (Domótica)
  • Salas de juntas
  • Sistemas de video conferencia
  • Auditorios
  • Aulas
  • Salas de crisis
  • Control
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Acústica
  • Electroacústica
  • Sistemas de sonido
  • Instalaciones complejas

Nos enfocamos en los requerimientos de nuestros clientes para cumplir con todas sus necesidades.

Nuestros principales clientes son del sector educativo, corporativo, gobierno y residencial.


We are a Colombian company founded in March 2010. We have a team of professionals with experience since 2006 in:

  • Design
  • Consultant
  • Audiovisual integration
  • Home automation
  • Meeting rooms
  • Video conference systems
  • Auditoriums
  • Classrooms
  • Crisis rooms
  • Control
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Acoustics
  • Electroacoustics
  • Sound systems
  • Complex installations.

We focus on the requirements of our clients to meet all their needs.

Our main clients are from the educational, corporate, government and residential sectors.