Daniel Buccini

Design Engineer, CCS
John Steineke

Lead Design Engineer, CCS Presentation Systems

Jacob Stone

Designer, CCS Presentation Systems

Debi Borromeo

Marketing Manager, CCS Presentation Systems New England

Strib Meares

VP Sales, CCS Mid-Atlantic

Sound Control Technologies™ (SCT) manufactures extension and signal processing solutions that deliver Audio, Video, USB, Power, IR, and Control (device dependent), over a single CAT5e/CAT6 link cable up to 100 meters, fully supporting PTZ camera and signal device solutions from Cisco®, Poly®, Logitech®, Panasonic®, Sony®, and others. Our RemoteCam™ solution kits include all interconnect cables, power, and modules (less Link cable) required for typical installations. The RemoteTableKit™ series supports Cisco® and Poly for HDMI, Ethernet/POE, Audio I/O, USB and microphone extension (model specific) over a single CAT5e/CAT6 cable up to 100 meters. SCT also manufactures a variety of on-wall, in-wall recessed and ceiling camera mounts designed to minimize their appearance, leaving only the camera visible whenever possible. Laser cut to contour the base of the camera, our mounts provide the cleanest mounting solution available in the industry. A uniquely simple and clean mounting solution for the Camera-End Module provides cable management and ease of installation. Our series of rack shelves are designed with mounting locations to accommodate the Head-End/Receiver-End Module(s) and power supplies, leaving access to the rack interior for clean and easy cabling while providing ventilation.
Rob Schultz

Media Technician, Schoolcraft College

Dave O Neill

Technician, Creative Technology Ireland

John J Donnelly

AV Infrastructure Technology Support Senior Analyst, Accenture

Brandon Meyers

Technical Operations Manager, CCS Presentation Systems

Robert Richter

Lead AV technician, SUNY Plattsburgh

Kevin Jackson

Audio Visual Technician Level III, Arthrex

John Pfeffer

Associate Director for Instructional Technology, University at Buffalo

Heather Sidorowicz

President , Southtown Audio Video

Kathryn Cordina

Business Development, Sound Control Technologies

Catherine Gordon

AV & Heathcare Systems Design Engineer, Ronco