Taryn Porter

Senior Director, Expo Account Services, AVIXA

Kelly Smith

Marketing Manager, US/Canada, AVIXA

Hi! I help connect people to AV education, standards and more resources from AVIXA.

I am an expert in finding resources to help you meet your training and certification prep needs to help you reach your goals.

Ben Thomas

Sr. Director of Publishing, MarketScale

Sarah Joyce

Chief Global Officer, AVIXA

Carrie Deato

Systems Engineer, AVIXA

Heide Dreist

Sr. Director, Human Resources, Avixa

Katy Sheehan

Accountant, AVIXA, Inc.

Peter Schädel

Manager Marketing, EMEA, AVIXA Germany GmbH

Nicole Verardi

Senior Director of Marketing, AVIXA

When I first started in AV, I remember hearing how AV professionals really care about the human experience, not just the tech. And it's true! I love connecting the dots to help people find the AV resources they need, building communities where people come together and being a part of such a vibrant (and welcoming) industry. 

Willie Wolfman

Exposition Account Services Coordinator, AVIXA

Shawna Tates

Member Services Representative, Avixa

Terry O'Brien

Senior Director of Finance & Administration, AVIXA

John Pfleiderer

Developer, Standards, AVIXA

Jeanette Walton

Digital Analyst, AVIXA

Valerie Gath

Senior Manager, Finance, AVIXA

Sowmya Siddappaji

Program Coordinator, APAC, AVIXA

Presently as Country Manager, AVIXA for India and GCC, I do aspire to support the AV & IT industry with  access to the resources that are most beneficial to the businesses and professional outcomes.

My focus will be to bring to the AV/IT community in the region, knowledge and skill development through AVIXA Education, Certification and Training Resources. I look forward to work closely with allied associations, industry groups and professional society in the region with a similar focus.

And my areas of interest and learning are indeed the Emerging Technologies (what we know as AI, Metaverse, Cloud, Industry 4.0, and the likes) and how they impact what we do in our professional and personal lives as Humans!

Do feel free to reach out to me.

Dion Cooke

Member Services Global Industry Engagement, AVIXA

AV, Bacon, sports, and watermelon in no particular order.