Hey guys, I run 'LED Solutions' (https://www.ledsolutionsny.com/), offering pro AV solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Considering a rebrand to better match our services. Thoughts on "Pro AVer"?

Agil Huseynov on Aug 04, 2023 • 1 answer
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As we continue to grow and evolve, I've decided to rebrand to better reflect our services and core values. I've been brainstorming and have a few ideas, but I'm keen to get your input! I'm open to any new suggestions you might have! A few key factors to consider: We want to convey our professionalism and expertise in the pro AV industry. We want a name that's easy to remember and pronounce. We're planning for future expansion, possibly into producing our own brand of pro AV equipment. I look forward to your suggestions and insights! Best, Agil


Hi Agil! Exciting news! Thanks for sharing your journey with the community and for enlisting their expertise. As this Q&A is not open for all to respond to, I would recommend sharing your question in the AV Marketers Room - just "start a conversation" there and you'll be tapping into some great marketing minds! The Xchange Community Chat Room is another space to query the general community audience. Best of everything in your endeavors. We're anxious to see the new brand!

Lisa Matthews, CTS - AVIXA on Aug 07, 2023
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