XR Exec Talks with RealWear

RealWear, Inc.'s Jon Arnold talks all things extended reality.
XR Exec Talks with RealWear

LAVNCH [CODE]: In your opinion, what is the most exciting thing about extended reality?

JON ARNOLD: Our work in the field of assisted reality and the effect it is having in industrial use cases really excites us.

It’s important to make and understand the distinction between all of these extended reality (XR) technologies. Unlike virtual or augmented reality, assisted reality provides the user with close to complete situational awareness and is a reality-first, digital-second experience, adding in digital content and experiences designed to only “assist” the user with their physical task. The user can consume information and collaborate with others, but these experiences are intentionally separated from the user’s physical reality to keep the user present and mindful of his/her surroundings.

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