Will AI Boost Managed Services?

Productivity gains might finally provide integrators the resources they need.
Will AI Boost Managed Services?

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Now that AI has exploded on the scene both generally and within Pro AV, is the time right for a larger launch of managed services across the integrator landscape?  Historically, one of the biggest impediments to the offering was resourcing, as it was difficult to appropriately staff against an on-going service model. Integrators were much more used to hiring up for project-based work, with peaks and valleys that were somewhat predictable due to clients' budget calendars. Several things are changing this dynamic, creating opportunity for growth. The first was the pandemic itself, which shifted work into a more remote mode and amplified the client need for reliable collaboration systems with minimal down-time. The pace of product advancement also accelerated, shortening refresh and replacement cycles. And now AI is on the scene, offering a solution to resource constraints through remote monitoring, diagnostics, programming assistance, design augmentation, and a host of other productivity boosting benefits. This means an integrator could potentially use AI to help support a managed service offering using an increasing array of toolsets on the market. Thus, while integrators currently report about 9% of their revenues being generated by managed services, AVIXA's forecasts show robust growth for them over the next five years. The Industry Outlook and Analysis (IOTA) report from 2023 has it pegged at a compound annual growth rate of 10.9% from 2023 to 2028, approximately double that of overall pro AV industry revenues. The 2024 results will be out soon so check back to see how this may have been adjusted given new factors, like AI. In the meantime, what do you think? Will AI help boost this holy grail of an integrator offering, creating a recurring revenue nirvana?

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