Why StarryHub may be the best option for small to medium size meeting rooms?

This is to share our thoughts about modern day meeting rooms and an introduction of CZUR StarryHub video conferencing system.
Why StarryHub may be the best option for small to medium size meeting rooms?

As the proportion of remote video conferencing continues to increase, holding a remote videl meeting in the office room has become a nightmare for many people: complicated accessories, pre-conference adjustments, audio jams, unclear video, screen too big to reach or move, or screen to small to see....

The intelligence of ChatGPT has amazed the world, but the meeting experience in the conference room is still the same.

How to quickly build a smart meeting room in the age of AI everything?

We think it should at least meet the following characteristics:


  1. Simplest installtion, minimum wiring.
  2. Meeting efficiency.

No matter it’s a local or a remote video meeting, the purpose of the meeting is to achieve a goal in ths shortest amount of time, rather than spending 30 mins adjusting equipments for a 10 mins meeting.

  1. Value for money. The money spent on meeting equipments or applications should be reasonable.


Now let’s talk about the common solution for meeting rooms.


  1. A business projector : may include conference microphone, camera, speaker, wireless screen casting gateway and so on.

The advantage of a business projector is that it is easy to obtain a large-screen experience of more than 100 inches. It was the first choice for many small and medium meeting rooms. But because of noise and heat dissipation, ceiling installation is often required.

In order to hold a remote video meeting, it may also be necessary to purchase a bunch of additional audio and video accessories for a good experience. So there are inevitably cons.



○    Large screen.


○    Noise and heat dissipation.

○    Many accessories.

○    Difficult to use or adjust before a meeting.

○    Compatibility between the accessories might not be good enough: unstable voice reception, poor image quality etc.

○    High overall cost. A business projector is affordable, but when including cost of the audio visual accessories, overall cost becomes expensive.



  1. Conference interactive board: some integarted microphone and camera, while some didn’t.

The advantage of the conference interactive board is that, it offers handwriting as the input method and the screen brings a brighter display effect. In recent years, it has become a new  and popular choice for meeting rooms. However due to the bulkiness of the screen itself, it has also become a huge problem for transportation or relocation.

The common size is 55-65 inches, which is suitable for handwriting interaction, but it is hard to been seen from a distance. While slightly larger 75-86 inches is way too expensive. It’s also not easy to reach the upper area of the screen to either write or tap.

In a meeting room, a displaysize of more than 100 inches is essential. Otherwise people will not be able to see clearly when they are sitting in the room.



○    Handwritting.

○    Brighter screen.


○    Bulky. Not easy to install or relocate.

○    Expensive. More than 10K US dollars for large screen size.

○    If screen is small, people cannot see clearly. If screen is big enough, it’s not easy to write or tap in some areas.

○    Poor voice reception. Unstable voice reception experience during video meetings.

○    Extremely high power consumption. Some models up to 500W when in use.




  1. Home TV or projector: can only be used as a big screen display. Users still need to purchase conference microphone and camera

Compared to business interaction board, this option is cheaper but it doesn’t come with a handwritting feature.

Compared to business projector, this option is better-looking but it can only offers a big screen, nothing else. Chipset or CPU of home entertainment projectors are often low in terms of configuration, while designed with a closed operating system rather than an open one. The entertainment interface is not suitable for a business environment either.

Silimar to business projectors, additional audio visual accessories are needed for video meetings.



How can StarryHub become a smart meeting room by itself?


  1. Big screen meeting room which doesn’t require installtion.

As a one-and-only design, StarryHub integrates projector, camera, conference microphone and speaker in one. StarryHub comes with a unique focal point design, is super quiet and low heat when working. By simply putting in front of a meeting desk, you can use StarryHub without a hustle.

No pre-meeting set up, no wiring, plug and play.


  • The fontal projector can throw a 100 inches screen with 2200 ANSI lumens brightness.
  • Life span of the LED source is 30K hours. The StarryHub can be used for 10 years if used 8 hours per day

  1. Made for efficient video meeting experience. No need to set up before each meeting.


StarryHub comes with an AI microphone array (6 microphones), an ultra clear confernce camera, a professional meeting speaker, allowing each meeting to be started with zero set up. No more unstable voice transmission, no more unclear video quality during meetings.

  • Pos Post-positioned ultra clear conference camera. Easily adapt to different types of room environment/lighting status, adjust video brightness through WDR.

  • Master-level AI microphone array (inbuilt with 6 microphones).

   Voice transsmission as natural as talking face to face, no need to shout or yell any more.



  • Professional middle frequency conference speaker. Restore human voice perfectly.


CZUR patented AI sound purification technology.

Remove back ground or environment noise automatically.


  1. Cast screen from four devices at the same time. Improve local meeting efficiency.


When in local meetings, normally a big screen is put into use for file/document presentations. Tranditional conference devices usually use a VGA or HDMI interface for screen projection, while modern computers most-likely come with USB-C ports. Under such circumstances, there is demand for various types of inter-connection cable or adapter for the meeting room.

Many new conference devices are also providing an option for wireless screen casting. However it’s obviously not enough.


StarryHub not also supports screen-casting from all terminals (WIN OS, macOS, iOS, Android etc.), but also allow users to cast up to FOUR SCREENS AT THE SAME TIME.

In a meeting, if the projector can only accept one casting screen, the participants would have to take turns if everyone has something to share, let along the possibility of comparing data from different participants during the meeting.

The option of casting four screens at the same time, switching screens back and forth, allows participants to disucss, compare data during the meeting easily..


  1. Rich fucntions, simple system, easy operation. A better solution and cost effective.


Meeting recording. By enabling local meeting recording function, you can record the meeting through StarryHub’s camera and microphne for future reference or record purpose.


Rich application options. Inbuilt with StarryOS (based on Android), StarryHub is made for all types of meeting scenarios.

Pre-installed applications like Tencent Meeting, Zoom, Teams, Skype. You can also install other apps from the app store.


CZUR patented remote controller – TouchBoard. A touch panel and a keyboard. If you can use a smart phone or laptop, you can use the TouchBoard.


StarryHub is a new product type that you have never seen before.

It’s a smart projector and so much more. We call it an all-in-one business video meeting system cause it might just be the best option for small to medium size meeting rooms.


To sum up the features of StarryHub

  • Project large screen.
  • No extra wiring or accessories.
  • No set up or adjustment before meeting. Plug and play.
  • Cast four screens from all devices at the same time.
  • Compatible with major Android applications.
  • Easy operation.

And more…

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