What Intel thinks about AMERIA Touchfree

Gesture control will become a norm, says Stevan Dragas from Intel. We are very proud to be Gold Partner in the Intel Partner Alliance relying amongst others on Intel RealSense in our solutions.

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Check out the video to learn more about what gets not only Intel so excited about our technology. Next chance to try our technology live will be InfoComm Show in Orlando from June 14-16. We will be presenting the AMERIA Airframe for the first time in America. It’s the first product to make LED walls and projections truly interactive. Contact us via info@ameria.com if you are interested in attending the event. Happy to share a VIP code with you so you can attend the exhibition for free.

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Go to the profile of Megan Petrovich (She/Her)
about 1 year ago

This is super exciting! Can't wait to see what you present at InfoComm!