What Are the New Norms in Corporate Office AV?

What Are the New Norms in Corporate Office AV?

It's been four years since the pandemic began, and no segment of pro AV has been more transformed than the office environment. It's a space that continues to evolve, but our latest research effort--freely accessible to Gold and Silver members on the META page--reveals what new norms are beginning to establish themselves.

A few highlights:

  • Hybrid is here to stay. We didn't deep dive on hybrid in this report since previous research already arrived at that conclusion, but we briefly revisit the key data and see further proof that hybrid is the new normal.
  • Small and medium conference rooms are on the rise. Anything under 10-person is growing, with small (huddle spaces for less than 5 people) being the biggest gainers.
  • Platform-based rooms have made huge gains and will have significant market impacts. Our data shows Zoom and Teams rooms are now about half of all conference room projects. This is a transformation from just a few years ago, and it has major implications for every channel participant, from the manufacturer to the distributor to the integrator and end user.

The full report has much more detail on these trends and also covers many more key topics such as shifting costs, keys to future proofing, and greatest challenges. Visit the META page to get all the info, and let us know in the comments what evolutions in the corporate office market stand out to you.

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