What Are Pop-Up Immersive Experiences? (Recap)

LinkedIn Live Audio Event Recording: Pop-Up Immersive Experiences
What Are Pop-Up Immersive Experiences? (Recap)

Did you miss AVIXA's 3rd LinkedIn Live Audio Event? We have the full recording for you.

@Gibran Nassif hosted this event with special guests, @Rainy Fu of Spotify and @Stacia Pfeiffer of Chaos Incarnate to chat about the rise of pop-up immersive experiences and how the AV industry is utilizing new technology to enhance these experiences. During this live chat, some discussions include pop-up immersive experiences versus installation experiences, the logistics behind pop-up immersive experiences, storytelling, immersive audio, and the future forecast of pop-up immersive experiences. 

Watch the full Linkedin Live Audio Event below and let us know your thoughts about pop-up immersive experiences! 

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