Skills, Salaries, and Benefits in Pro AV

Skills, Salaries, and Benefits in Pro AV

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The latest Pro AV Channel Employment Report, just dropped, with extensive details on all things workforce. Drawing on an international survey with over 5,000 respondents, it covers benchmarking data on skills, salaries, benefits, worker satisfaction, and certification. In addition, it offers guidance on overall labor force conditions, what characteristics have value, and what workers prioritize in a job. Here are a few highlights:

  • Pro AV is a high-skill, high-pay field. No matter the country, pro AV workers substantially out-earn most workers outside the industry. And the skills data shows why: pro AV workers use an extensive suite of skills, from technical AV to general business.
  • Raises are high. The labor market isn't quite as frenzied as it was in 2022, but hiring needs still outstrip worker supple. That's kept raises very high, with 2023 raises at the roughly the same elevated level as 2022.
  • Pro AV workers are satisfied with their jobs. Employers benchmarking pay and benefits should make a point of benchmarking overall satisfaction. You can have highly competitive salaries and benefits, but if, say, your workers are overworked, they'll be unhappy and a risk of leaving. Our report shares the average satisfaction level of our industry--it's good, by the way--as well as the question we used to measure. That means you can ask your own employees and make sure everything is going as well as you think.
  • Education is less essential, and that makes certification more valuable. Pro AV has weaker ties to traditional education than many other industries. That creates a puzzle for workers and employers alike. For workers, how do you get the needed pro AV skills? For employers, how do you tell if a worker has the right skills? That's where certification steps in, and our data on AVIXA's CTS shows it has high value--especially the higher levels of CTS (CTS-I and CTS-D). Undoubtedly there are other high-value certs that we didn't measure, too.

To see the data behind these conclusions and to find out all the many, many other details, you can head over to this page and check out the section on the "Pro AV Channel Employment Report."

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