Providers: Will you be at the Top of the List?

AV/IT Buyers are searching for solutions providers. Will your company be at the top of their search?
Providers: Will you be at the Top of the List?

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People join Xchange to get inspired, learn about new technologies, and find providers that can fill their needs. When they explore Xchange’s AV Provider Directory, will your company stand out among others matching their search criteria? 

The AV Provider Directory is a robust tool enabling members to find systems integrators, consultants, manufacturers, and service providers matching their needs. They search by company type, products, solutions, and market served. Each of these criteria yields results in the directory, pulling data from providers’ profiles. How will your provider profile perform in these unique searches? A completed profile will ensure your company will be displayed when members conduct their search!

 AV Provider Directory

I encourage you to take a moment to ensure you’ve completed all fields and verified your contact details within your company’s profile. Just click your avatar to “switch accounts” and edit! When done, “sign out” to return to your individual member view.  For helpful tips on creating a powerful profile, check out this post, Provider’s Guide to Xchange!”.

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