Panasonic Connect KAIROS Live Video Production Platform

Panasonic Connect's KAIROS live production platform offers production professionals unlimited control over how they deliver content to screens and streams. The next generation is set to support productions that are even greater in size and complexity.
Panasonic Connect KAIROS Live Video Production Platform

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As an IT-based open-architecture platform, KAIROS allows users to synthesize as many scenes and layers as the GPU permits for expressive, low-latency production, free from the video-format and mix-effect limitations of conventional hardware. The IP-based interface flexibly handles diverse inputs and outputs, network transmission and remote production via the cloud. KAIROS enables professional live on-site broadcasting and distribution by small teams, without relay vehicles, and unconstrained by normal limits on remote resources as well as time and location.

In recent years, the Internet and smart devices have diversified video-viewing options, exploding the demand for video production, including live streaming. In response, we have launched two next-generation KAIROS mainframes, both fully equipped for large-scale live and complex video production and designed for compatibility with evolving IT/IP infrastructure.

In addition to streaming workflows, KAIROS natively supports ST 2110 IP connectivity, which simplifies connections to our latest ST 2110 compatible cameras, the AW-UE160 PTZ and the AK-PLV100 Cinelive studio camera, allowing for much more streamlined multi-camera productions.   

Take a listen to hear more about KAIROS!

Here's how GlobeStream Media and USA Softball partnered to provide a high-quality livestreaming experience for fans during the GOLD National Championships, using Panasonic KAIROS production platform.

If you're attending InfoComm, be sure to stop by our booth #901 to see it in action. Register and use code "PAN653" to receive a FREE VIP pass! 

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Go to the profile of Lee Dodson
about 1 year ago

This looks very cool. Can't wait to see it live @Infocomm23!

Go to the profile of Panasonic Connect
about 1 year ago

Look forward to seeing you there, Lee! 

Go to the profile of Iulia Popescu - AVIXA
about 1 year ago

Thanks for incorporating these videos! Can't wait to stop by booth #901 during #infocomm23 

Go to the profile of Panasonic Connect
about 1 year ago

We look forward to connecting with you, Lulia.