Object Management Group Announces Leading Analyst Speakers for Transform! @ InfoComm 2024

Prominent analysts talk about digital transformation

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Object Management Group®️ (OMG®️) announced that leading analysts will speak about the digital transformation market about topics such as compliance, regulations, security, data analytics, and more at Transform! @ InfoComm 2024.

“The Transform! conference program covers the complete transformation journey,” said Ron Zahavi, Conference Director. “We’re excited to have renowned analysts discussing digital transformation and proposing strategies and best practices to assess and manage transformation effectively and efficiently.” 

The analysts include:

    • Jim Morrish. Founding Partner, Transforma Insights. Jim is a respected Digital Transformation and Internet of Things industry expert with over 20 years of experience in strategy consulting, operations management, and telecoms research.

      Jim will present "Emerging Regulations as both Drivers of Digital Transformation and Barriers to Adoption.” He will also participate in a panel entitled "Managing Compliance and Legal Risks during the Digital Transformation Journey" with Bassam Zarkout, Executive Vice President at IGnPower Inc., and Edy Liongosari, Chief Research Scientist, Accenture Labs.

    • Sandy Carielli, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research. Sandy is a principal analyst at Forrester, advising security and risk professionals on application and product security, particularly emphasizing collaboration among security and risk, product management, application development, operations, and business teams.

      Sandi will be among guest speakers at the event and will present a session entitled “How Security Supports the Transforming Technology Organization and How Transforming Technology Leaders Should Engage with Security.” She will also participate in a panel, "Address Security as Part of Digital Transformation," along with Robert Martin, Senior Principal Software and Supply Chain Assurance Engineer, Keao Caindec, Co-Founder and Principal Analyst at Farallon Technology Group, and Detlev Richter, VP Global Head of Industrial and Energy Products.
    • Timothy Scannell, IDC's Vice President, Strategic Content, CIO Executive Council. Tim is the Vice President of Strategic Content for the CIO Executive Council for IDC. It is a global community of IT leaders and influencers whose mission is to advance the profession, provide direction and resources to current leaders, and guide and mentor future IT executives through integrated products and services.

      Tim will moderate a panel entitled "Empowering Analytics: The Shift to Intelligent Knowledge Networks" with Michal Cenkl, Director of Innovation & Experimentation, MITRE, and Kim Warren, Vice President and Director of Health FFRDC, MITRE. He will also moderate a session with NJ Transit’s “Intelligent Transportation Journey” with their CIO/CDO Lookman Fazal.

At Transform! @InfoComm 2024, exhibitors will deliver hands-on experiences through an Innovation Hub and solutions showcases, highlighting new technology trends, breakthroughs, products, and services. Attendees will discover new economic growth and efficiency opportunities, exploring innovation across diverse industries and topics. OMG has partnered with MIT Horizon to make its MIT Horizon Essentials available to Transform! @ InfoComm 2024 attendees. MIT Horizon Essentials is MIT's initiative to transform teaching and learning through innovative digital technology.        

For more information and to register for Transform! @InfoComm, visit https://icshow.me/transform.  
Sign up to receive updates on the event, agenda, and speakers at www.objectmanagementgroup.org/keep-me-updated-transforminfocomm.  

About Transform! @InfoComm 2024 
At Transform! @InfoComm 2024, attendees will discover new opportunities for economic growth and efficiency, exploring innovation across diverse industries, from business and government to academia, and multiple domains, including cybersecurity, generative AI, augmented reality, digital twins, responsible computing, IoT and edge, business architecture modeling, and more. Learn more about Transform! @InfoComm 2024.

About InfoComm
InfoComm is North America's largest technology exhibition and conference focused on the pro AV industry. The exhibition is produced by the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) and currently ranks as the 39th largest trade show in the United States by Trade Show Executive. In addition, AVIXA and its partners produce a global portfolio of trade shows and conferences, including InfoComm China, Beijing; InfoComm India; InfoComm Asia; Integrate; and Integrated Systems Europe.

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