Nuyorican Poets Cafe Upgrade

Can you help us save and upgrade a cherished community resource and all it's archives?
Nuyorican Poets Cafe Upgrade

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Hi extended Latino Tech Familia:

I am working with Caridad De La Luz (La Bruja) on the efforts to rebuild and expand the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. As it is a treasured community resource, we have launched efforts into archives and into next level AV design for the space. I am looking for resources and community boosters to help us over the next three years, as the building will be closed, and there is a need for pop up spaces to do weekly events in the interim. And I am looking for technology sponsors, particularly in AV and DAM systems, to support the Nuyorican during the rebuild and beyond.

We are looking for digital asset management contacts, LED vendors and any tech companies willing to sponsor and/or greatly discount their services/products for the Nuyorican. To start, we would like to build a digital step and repeat in the lobby, that runs up the wall and expands onto the ceiling. The LED wall would also run archive installations and show updates during regular business hours. 

Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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