New High-Resolution Streaming Platform ‘Pure Audio Streaming’ Releases Audiophile Library in AURO-3D Immersive Audio

Pure Audio brings premium binaural and multichannel listening experiences to a wider audience with new streaming platform.
New High-Resolution Streaming Platform ‘Pure Audio Streaming’ Releases Audiophile Library in AURO-3D Immersive Audio

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Gooik, (BE) (May 22, 2024) – NEWAURO, audio innovator and creator of the AURO-3D immersive format, was selected as the format of choice for the recently announced high-resolution streaming service, Pure Audio Streaming. This new streaming service makes immersive content more accessible by offering Pure Audio’s extensive library of high-resolution audiophile recordings—previously only available on Blu-ray—in high-resolution streaming. The platform was demonstrated at MSM Studies during the High End Munich Show in early May. 

Pure Audio Streaming aims to revolutionize how we experience audio content by providing high-quality, immersive sound experiences that transport listeners into the heart of the music.  For the first time, over 300 notable recordings beloved by audiophiles—such as Grammy-winning LUX by 2L Records—are available to stream in high-resolution AURO-3D immersive audio or binaural. 

“We are excited to bring Pure Audio Streaming to the listening world,” says Stefan Bock, founder and developer of the Pure Audio Blu-ray disc format. “Our goal is to provide an unmatched audio experience that brings music to life in a way that has never been possible until now. With Pure Audio Streaming, we are not just streaming music but creating immersive audio experiences using AURO-3D technology.”

Pure Audio Streaming is built on the Artist Connection white-label premium streaming platform, which natively supports the AURO-3D format and is the only platform capable of streaming lossless, high-resolution audio and high-definition video. Artist Connection’s cloud software platform offers highly secure, dedicated white-box streaming services for content creators, venues, studios, and their production teams.

Pure Audio Streaming immersive audio titles will be released in the AURO-3D standard as stereo/binaural and high-resolution immersive allowing users to enjoy AURO-3D’s immersive audio experience regardless of their setup, whether they're using headphones or a full-fledged home theater system.

“AURO-3D is committed to pushing the boundaries of audio technology and delivering the best possible listening experience,” says Rudy Van Duppen, CEO of NEWAURO. “We are thrilled that Pure Audio is bringing its extensive library to streaming, with AURO-3D support as the first immersive codec on the platform. Anyone with headphones or a home theater receiver that supports AURO-3D can now enjoy this library of incredible music.”

Pure Audio Streaming will be available in Q4 of 2024. To learn more about Pure Audio Streaming, please visit


Home to the award-winning immersive audio format AURO-3D, NEWAURO B.V. provides a full ecosystem of solutions for industry professionals and consumers, ranging from content creation tools to playback integration in Home Entertainment, Automotive, Mobile, and Cinema. In 2011, AURO-3D revolutionized the audio industry with the introduction of a true immersive sound experience and groundbreaking technology suite that enables content creators and product developers to hear more and feel more for an exciting, emotional, and moving audio experience. In mid-2022, the Saffelberg Investment group acquired all AURO-3D assets, teams, and rights and founded the new company NEWAURO B.V. to further support the growth of the format and technology suite across markets.

About Pure Audio Streaming

Pure Audio Streaming is a German record label imprint with a collection of premium audio titles available for streaming. A pioneer in the transition from Blu-ray discs to immersive audio streaming, Pure Audio Streaming’s goal is to deliver the ultimate audio experience to discerning fans—uncompressed and uncompromised—to fulfill the promise of the artist's intent. Pure Audio Streaming delivers content in immersive formats, binaural, or hi-resolution multichannel and stereo PCM. 

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