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The complete booking and resourcing solution.
myTeam Planner | Laia

myTeam Planner: the complete booking and resourcing solution.

Optimise your organisation with booking and room management software.

Nowadays, with the hybrid mode of collaborative work, on-site and remote, the priority of companies is to optimize resources, the capacity of the company's spaces, their availability and the occupation of these resources.

That's why, myTeam planner a Laia product, offers several advantages for the management of these resources and possible needs, with an all-in-one solution (hardware + software) to optimize and plan.

Unlike other solutions on the market, myTeam planner integrates both the resource booking software and the hardware in the form of Tablets of different sizes based on the needs of each client.

MANAGE YOUR RESOURCES AS AND FROM WHEREVER YOU WANT, and start enjoying this solution, benefiting from its numerous functionalities:

Booking of resources

myTeam Planner allows you to book, modify or cancel reservations for...


  • Meeting room booking: identify rooms, assign locations, define working days, create AV systems, create QR codes, assign a premium user, upload room photo, add room display...
  • Booking desks or coworking spaces: Assign a premium user, upload desk photo, upload floor plan, add desk screen, rename desks and open spaces, assign locations, define working days, create QR codes...
  • Management and booking of the company's parking spaces: Change the name of the parking space, assign locations, define a parking space as permanent, assign a premium user...
  • Management and booking of your company's shared cars: Book a car, check vehicle availability, authorize or reject a reservation, usage history, check-out via WebApp or mobile, upload a photo of the car...

Request services

From myTeam Planner you will be able to request services such as: catering, cleaning or technical support, among others, in a very simple and fast way.

Elegant and subtle design, with easy installation

The screens have a simple and elegant design, to be installed anywhere, wall, glass wall, table support... with a quick installation, making its integration in companies total.

  • Integrated wall bracket
  • Window mounting solution
  • Tilting table stand

Easy and simple

Bookings are made from the calendar or from the app, without the need for users or passwords.

  • From your calendar: Full integration with Office 365 (Outlook) and Google Calendar, to be able to save invitations in calendars.
  • From the app: from the App Store allows you to book from anywhere. Soon available on Google Play.

Status indicator

You can quickly find out whether a resource is occupied or available. It will be recognized by the green color indicating that the room is available, and by the red color indicating that the room is occupied.


In addition... Laia offers two years of Professional Support for the hardware, extendable up to 5 years as long as there is an active license.

All of the above makes myTeam Planner the perfect solution for managing a company's resources, fully integrated with Outlook, iOs and Android solutions for total compatibility.

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