Meetings centered on you: Yealink AI meeting solution rebuild workspace connections

Yealink AI meeting solution helps every word and emotion you expressed in the meeting be crystal clear to all participants.
Meetings centered on you: Yealink AI meeting solution rebuild workspace connections

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With the continuous advancement of audiovisual technology and artificial intelligence, businesses are increasingly assessing the cost-efficiency of traditional physical office spaces for their employees. This assessment has led to the emergence of the innovating hybrid work trend, which places significant emphasis on reshaping the future of work.


Hybrid work is on the rise but hasn't reached its optimal state

For most businesses, failing to stay aligned with future industry trends can result in lagging behind in development and, potentially, market obsolescence. Nevertheless, even when attempting to adapt to these trends, improper tool utilization can hinder expected outcomes and can’t handle unforeseen challenges.

43% of remote employees report not feeling included and 68% of business decision-makers say that ensuring cohesion and social connections within teams has been a major challenge due to the shift to hybrid work. (*Source: "Hybrid Work Is Just Work. Are We Doing It Wrong?"; Microsoft, September 2022)

What is the primary solution to this issue?


Rebuilding Workspace Connections with Yealink AI Solution

Analyzing the above-mentioned issues, the challenges that most businesses encounter in hybrid work often revolve around meeting experience and efficiency. Achieving a balance and excelling in both areas is key to realizing the full potential of hybrid work in the future. In tackling this challenge, Yealink AI Meeting Solution offers an industry-leading solution.

Get ready to experience the innovative Yealink AI meeting solution!


AI Enhances Meeting Interaction

In online meetings, participants and frequent discussions can lead to a situation where a speaker may be inadvertently overlooked while expressing their thoughts. This oversight can impact their engagement and result in reduced overall communication efficiency during the meeting.

With the remarkable computing power of 17 TOPS and 360° panoramic people recognition, Yealink AI meeting solution helps every word and emotion you expressed in the meeting be crystal clear to all participants.


AI Empowers Meeting Atmosphere

In video conferences, remote participants may sometimes feel distanced from the center of the meeting due to physical barriers, causing their viewpoints and ideas to be overlooked. Consequently, a critical challenge in remote meetings is to ensure that remote participants experience an environment of equality and promote effective communication.

Utilizing 360° Circular Sound Source Localization Technology and Lip Movement Recognition, the active speaker is centered on the screen, fostering face-to-face opinion sharing by Yealink AI meeting solution.


AI Visualizes Meeting Collaboration

In certain remote meetings, participants often come from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. In such scenarios, high-frequency and information-intensive communication can lead to disparities in understanding, potentially affecting meeting efficiency and causing collaboration issues.

Equipped with Natural Language Processing techniques, Yealink AI meeting solution offers real-time speech recognition technology supporting eight languages for voice translation and transcription.


AI Revolution in all meeting scenarios

Enhancing individual Experience

In Small-scale Meetings, where participants engage in focused communication, the limited number of attendees often means there isn't someone available to take on the role of designated note-taker.

But with AI meeting solution, small-scale Meetings are no longer constrained by the number of participants or resource limitations. AI assistant can take on the role of a meeting notetaker, which attendees can focus on information sharing and communication, enhancing meeting efficiency and creating a better meeting experience.


Easing Meeting Workload

In Medium-sized Meetings with participants from different departments, the involvement of many people and diverse topics can lead to longer meeting durations, occasionally consuming a significant portion of work time, especially when some agenda items are not directly related to one's role.

Unburden yourself from lengthy Medium-sized Meetings, Yealink AI meeting solution ensures swift access to crucial information, keeping your meetings disruption-free and your focus on the meeting's core.


Supercharging Decision Making:

Large-scale meetings involve numerous participants covering a wide range of topics. These meetings are often lengthy, involving multiple decision-making layers.

Therefore, AI real-time speech-to-text transcription enables quick identification of project opportunities and risk factors, effectively empowering decision-making and enhancing work collaboration efficiency for future meetings.



AI brings more than just hardware and technological enhancements; it revamps the overall meeting experience and rebuilds workspace connections during meetings. In the future, as technology continues to evolve, Yealink AI meeting solution will further align with the development trend of hybrid work, enhancing the future meeting experience. Whether you wish to become part of our mission or seek further insights, we invite you to explore the future of meeting dynamics with us. Embrace change and step into the future!


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