Learn the Latest Insights on Generative AI from Industry Leaders at Transform! @InfoComm 2024

Object Management Group®️ (OMG®️) announced it is running sessions about the transformative power of Generative AI across industries.
Learn the Latest Insights on Generative AI from Industry Leaders at Transform! @InfoComm 2024

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Object Management Group®️ (OMG®️) announced it is running sessions about the transformative power of Generative AI across industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation public safety, and others, and will address ethical concerns, safety, and compliance at Transform! @ InfoComm 2024.

“Generative AI is reinventing businesses across industries, especially when combined with digital twins,” said Ron Zahavi, Conference Director. “We’re excited to feature leading experts across industries to talk about how Generative AI fits as part of digital transformation and how it can help organizations become more competitive.”

“GenAI is driving the next era of digital transformation and Transform! @Infocomm offers the opportunity to gain insight and engage with industry leaders at the forefront of this technological advancement,” said Dan Isaacs, GM, and CTO of DTC.

Generative AI is a large part of the following sessions on the Transform! @ InfoComm agenda:

  • How Generative AI Can Accelerate Digital Transformation Across Industries
  • Customer Transformation: The Evolution of Digital Transformation
  • Aligning the Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Aspects of Digital Transformation
  • Generative AI and Digital Transformation in Product Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Unlocking the Data Dividend during the Digital Transformation
  • Empowering Analytics: The Shift to Intelligent Knowledge Networks
  • NJ Transit's Intelligent Transportation Journey 
  • Digital Twin and AI for Clinical Decision Support
  • Using 5G networks to Increase Efficiency and Production, and Reduce Costs
  • Digital Twins for Advanced Manufacturing: The Standardized Approach
  • Large Enterprise DX Journey powered by Digital Twin and NDP
  • Emerging regulations as both Drivers of DX and Barriers to Adoption
  • Designing and Training Intelligent Organizations
  • How to Measure the Success of AI in Manufacturing
  • Using Automated Reasoning and Symbolic AI to Create Formally Verified Digital Twins
  • Safety DX Technology, Digital Twin for Public Safety
  • Revolutionizing Infrastructure Management: AI-Powered Bridge Health Monitoring for Proactive Maintenance and Longevity

For more information about sessions and speakers, please refer to the Transform! @ InfoComm agenda

Please register for Transform! @InfoComm. Early bird discounts are available. Sign up to receive updates about the event. 

MIT Horizon Essentials, MIT's initiative to transform teaching and learning through digital technology, is available to Transform! @ InfoComm 2024 attendees through February 2025. Attendees also receive certificates and badges for MIT Horizon Essentials courses they take at Transform! @ InfoComm and a discount on MIT Sloan courses.

About Transform! @InfoComm 2024 
At Transform! @InfoComm 2024, attendees will discover new opportunities for economic growth and efficiency, exploring innovation across diverse industries, from business and government to academia, and multiple domains, including cybersecurity, generative AI, augmented reality, digital twins, responsible computing, IoT and edge, business architecture modeling, and more. Learn more about Transform! @InfoComm 2024.

About OMG
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