Just Plug It In.

Videri unveils revolution to zero touch provisioning for digital displays: Videri Intelligent Provisioning (VIP)
Just Plug It In.

Deploying digital signage to dozens, or even thousands of locations with traditional signage solutions involves significant complexity and cost. Sending out trucks and workers to install equipment, set up data access and connectivity, securely provision devices and connect them to a back-end CMS all requires labor, and often result in extended deployment timelines, and environmental impacts that reduce ROI and can make projects unviable.

Videri has always been laser focused on making this process as simple as possible, and we are proud to have built one of the world’s fastest-to-install digital signage solutions. This has been proven through our customers’ deployments of our Digital Canvases to tens of thousands of locations around the globe, many of them delivered by field sales and installed on the spot. Now, with VIP, Videri is taking this simplicity to the next level.

Unveiling Videri Intelligent Provisioning (VIP). Exclusive to the Videri Spark2 LTE Digital Canvas.

Plug and play: With embedded VIP technology, take a Spark2 LTE Canvas out of the box and just plug it in. We take care of the rest. No manual wireless set up, no provisioning of remotes or apps is required. The Canvas not only finds an LTE network, provisions itself, and connects securely to your tenant within our CMS so you can immediately start playing relevant content, but it also extends its activation capabilities to any nearby Videri Digital Canvases, creating an interconnected and live network of digital displays ready for use with the Videri Platform, all managed remotely.

This is a game-changer for our partners looking to support global brands and retailers in their large-scale digital signage deployments.

Plug and play. Literally. 

“Videri Intelligent Provisioning represents a significant milestone in Videri’s commitment to delivering innovation to brands everywhere while simplifying their deployment process,” said Rob Avery, SVP Product & Software at Videri. “By continuing to innovate around the complexities that come with traditional digital display solutions, Videri is creating an easier, more intuitive and less resource-intensive customer experience. This is a leap forward, enabling brands to push digital content to new  and innovative spaces.”

Expected to ship in Q3 of this year, VIP on Spark2 will be available through Videri’s growing network of global partners, resellers and integrators. Talk to a Videri representative today or to find a partner visit videri.com/partner.

Come visit Videri from January 30th – Feb 4th at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 in Barcelona. Visitors to Videri’s booth 6F530 will experience our unique and unconventional digital displays and Videri’s software management solutions that challenge the traditional limitations of digital; featuring Wireless Orchestrations, digital menu boards, Portal3 – our latest software release and Videri Triggered Events. Drop by the Videri booth to learn more about how Videri Intelligent Provisioning can change the game for your digital display deployments.

Photo credit: www.vega.dk.

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