Is DooH Signage A Great Opportunity?

There is endless potential for outdoor display placement, with options to mount to walls or ceilings with special outdoor e-coated mounts. They can be incorporated into outdoor kiosks, which are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor use and are even wind rated up to 140mph.
Is DooH Signage A Great Opportunity?

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Picking solutions appropriate for the prevailing weather and daylight conditions are big issues here. From the 1980s through to the early 2000s, the availability of outdoor quality displays was strictly limited. Today, the choice is much wider as more manufacturers are attracted to the potential in this market sector. However, outdoor displays must be tougher than average displays.

Digital outdoor displays are ideal for outside corporate offices, factories, QSRs, city centres or stadium concourses. They can also be installed as a single, double or triple display kiosk, with media players stored in the pedestal, to enhance efficiency in various settings. Many organisations can provide support not only with product design and positioning of outdoor kiosks, but also with engineering support. This is changing the face of outdoor AV integration by making all the traditional limitations a thing of the past.

So, does ‘outdoor’ still represent a great opportunity for digital signage? There's definitely an argument to say that it does, simply because the number of sites and applications is almost limitless and the technology is evolving to suit – even before we consider the impact of AI and alternative realities.

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