Introducing ASKA3D's Partner in China

Yesar Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - China
Introducing ASKA3D's Partner in China

Yesar Electronics Technology founded in 2016 and headquartered in Shanghai's Zhangjiang Science and Technology Park, is a trailblazing high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of holographic display technology.

Yesar Electronics Technology stands as your gateway to ASKA3D's holographic display solutions in China. Specializing in automotive holographic products, holographic kiosks and elevator holographic products, Yesar Electronics Technology brings a unique touch to immersive visual storytelling.

Holographic Kiosk for Bank of Communications

Elevator Control Panels for the Hospital in Turkey

Yesar Electronics Technology is not just a company; it's a commitment to revolutionizing industries through innovative holographic solutions.
Unleash the potential of holographic displays with Yesar Electronics Technology, your premier distributor for ASKA3D in China.

Why ASKA3D Holographic display?

  • Revolutionary Optical Plates: ASKA3D products redefine the possibilities of visual communication. Our optical plates allow you to realize stunning holographic displays, creating immersive and memorable experiences.

  • Versatility and Customization: Whether you're looking to enhance retail displays, engage event attendees, or elevate your brand presence, ASKA3D's holographic displays offer versatile solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Trusted Distribution Partners: Our partners—Holo Industries, Inc., Yesar Electronics Technology, and ACTAIR—are dedicated to delivering top service and support. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure your success with ASKA3D products.

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