Insurance Companies Are Adopting AV to Improve Customer Service

The latest cloud-based business telephony and VoIP are becoming more affordable for small insurance companies
Insurance Companies Are Adopting AV to Improve Customer Service

A number of leading insurance companies are adopting cloud-hosted business telephony, VoIP, and CRM solutions, according to John Woollam, CEO of Euphoria Telecom.

In an article from IT Online, he shares several ways this revolutionizes the insurance industry.

Higher Volume, Quicker Turnaround

Each day, large insurance companies receive thousands of calls from clients. In emergencies, such as after a vehicle accident, managing live agents' waiting times is paramount, allowing less urgent queries – such as monthly premium inquiries, payment arrangements, and call-back services – to be automated. Woodland says that agents can then handle more complex questions, which speeds up service.

Seamless Digital Experiences Are a Reality

Unified communication can be achieved by combining Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing technologies.

"These solutions include phone, email, online video conferencing technology, and even chat via social media platforms in a single screen," Woollam says. "The business value lies in these solutions allowing call center agents to interact on whatever platform suits the customer."

A seamless digital experience is essential to reaching Millennials and Gen Zers, who prefer a full-blown digital experience over a partial one.

Work-From-Wherever is the Norm

Modern telephony solutions combine an agent's workspace with mobile apps so they can work remotely, using mobile devices, desktop softphones, or IP phones. Using this method, insurers don't have to have all their agents in one building to manage them.

"You can still monitor your staff's time and attendance and add real-time data about each agent's performance," Woollam assures. "These solutions also help refine scheduling and manage overtime costs."

Even Small Companies Can Use Big-feature Telephony 

It's no longer just large insurance companies that can get custom, fit-for-purpose business phone and CRM solutions. It is affordable to purchase the latest systems for brokerages and various independent financial service providers (FSPs), regardless of their size.

"Coherent, world-class communication, reporting and CRM with quality assurance built into its DNA has become a given, provided the company implements the right cloud-hosted PABX system," Woollam concludes.

Read more reasons why insurance companies are adopting cloud-hosted business telephony, VoIP, and CRM platforms here.

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over 1 year ago

Living in Connecticut, and Hartford being the home of so many insurance companies, I agree with the work-from-wherever is the new normal for most of the insurance industry. #lesstraffic