InfoComm 2024 Day 1: Innovation and Inspiration

Day one of InfoComm 2024 lived up to the promise. Professionals from around the world came together to share the future of professional audio and visual technology.
InfoComm 2024 Day 1: Innovation and Inspiration

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The first day of InfoComm 2024 was incredible! From the ribbon-cutting in the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall to exploring the exhibit floor in West Hall, the energy and excitement of attendees was palpable. I started my day in the press room speaking with a first-time InfoComm attendee and speaker, Nicki Sun.

Her session on mastering video production basics—filled with practical tips and insights—was perfect for anyone looking to start or improve and scale their studio and remote production projects.

Sun discussed the various content capture needs of those in the audience and shared practical solutions to upgrade their gear kits and daily operations. Learn more about her recommendations for seamless online video presentations Thursday, June 13 at 9:30 a.m. on the AVIXA Xchange Live stage at W2847.

The chance to network and learn with fellow professionals who share my passion for AV technology has been truly inspiring so I look forward to what tomorrow brings. The spirit of support rather than competition was something felt across the show. As we challenge ourselves to be greater industry leaders, we all expand and innovate. In this age of AI, the goal is to keep moving forward to stay relevant and impactful.

As my friend and production peer browsed the showroom floor, we reached the LED volume and virtual production zone to learn about the latest advancements in VR and XR at booth W1465. Evan Glantz gave us an exciting demo of a VMX Visuals creative display XR Bar experience where we saw real-time rendering of a virtual environment using projection mapping and LED technology. We explored different use cases for this type of visual solution at this and neighboring booths and I'm excited to learn more.

Later, I interviewed Christian Rivera from Hollyland Technology at booth W3118. He explained the benefits of the Lark M2 Wireless Mic, Tally Light System, and Hollyland Pyro 7 H & S wireless video transmission systems, showcasing how one transmitter can connect to four receivers. Hollyland’s innovations in wireless communication are a game-changer for real-time team collaboration.

I personally had a positive experience using the Hollyland Solidcomm C1 wireless intercom headset system to communicate with my team during Super Bowl activations here in Las Vegas this year. The ability to easily communicate across the room in noisy environments was amazing. I look forward to testing their new livestream camera, Venus Liv Pro, with the wireless tally system to support connection of various switchers for upcoming virtual conferences and remote productions.

Watch the full Hollyland Technology booth tour here.

What audio and video challenges are you hoping to solve as you explore the Technology Innovation Stage, AVIXA Xchange LIVE booth, InfoComm AI Experience and more today ? Share your thoughts and let’s discover new and innovative AV tools together.

Photo of the day: LG Booth W2125 'Step Into Spectacular' Experience with moving kinetic LED panels that respond to audio as they display unique digital art. The commercial use cases are endless.

Stay tuned for my quick recap of InfoComm 2024 day two from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

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