Improved Features! -Tip #31

Updates to Xchange's navigation and mobile UX
Improved Features! -Tip #31

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Have you discovered the new sidebar navigation? Perpetually visible across your devices, this new feature is designed to improve your experience as you navigate the community. You can easily access the Member and Provider Directories along with Channels and Rooms. Also featured is AVIXA Resources, a list of convenient links for quick access to training, certification, events, and more. To collapse the menu, simply click the hamburger.

We hope you’ll find this a helpful tool as you navigate the community! Share your likes or suggestions in the comments below!

Next, enhancements have been made to the mobile experience, particularly when creating posts! Posts can now easily be drafted and published from your phone or tablet. You can also quickly locate your favorite Rooms and create or contribute to posts and discussions.

Take a moment to watch this video highlighting these enhancements:

We hope you’ll agree these updates will make engaging in the community while traveling or attending a tradeshow a seamless experience. Let us know!

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