How to assemble a visual media player in an hour?

Vadim Chekirka, CEO of Avgator Inc. about AV Studio
How to assemble a visual media player in an hour?

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Could you explain why you named your main intellectual product AV Studio? Does this mean that there is room for creativity within this studio? 

Vadim Chekirka: In AV Studio, you can easily unleash your creativity. We provide programmers with a toolkit for creativity so they can create anything they want. To date, hundreds of programmers have created dozens of their projects. Based on the results they send us, we are pleasantly surprised by the creative outcomes achieved by AV programmers and how creative they can be.

Here's a good example. Despite having video widgets and ready-made media players in AV Studio, I know of several cases where programmers preferred to assemble them themselves using our application. And they did it in just a few hours.

Now, that's really cool! No programmer, using "ordinary" HTML5, can assemble a visual media player in an hour. And that's just one example.

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