Google Kiosks (Chrome OS Kiosks) & Google Digital Signage Initiative

Google relaunches Digital Signage and Kiosks with new Chrome OS Flex
Google Kiosks (Chrome OS Kiosks) & Google Digital Signage Initiative

Noted on Kiosk Industry

They made it official.  We are scheduled to do an interview with the Google lead and will cover both kiosks and digital signage as two separate verticals.  Several digital signage companies listed (DOOH) but no wayfinding or kiosk partners.  Surprised me they used the word kiosk to certain degree. It’s noteworthing that Samsung has used Tizen and its media player in transactional configuration now.  Matter of time for Brightsign. For more information or to submit questions for our interviews email

Hope all is well! Following up to let you know that today Google announced new changes to Chrome OS that will help drive revenue growth and amplify customer experiences for businesses across industries who operate kiosks. As businesses utilize kiosks and digital signage as two ways to provide better access to information and deliver faster transactions, we are excited to reveal:

    • A Kiosk & Signage Upgrade license for an end-to-end integrated solution for kiosks and digital signage: whether they’re deploying menu boards, check-in kiosks, digital signs, or anything in between, IT admins can reduce maintenance through automatic updates, ensure system security by blocking executables (Chrome OS has never had a reported ransomware attack or virus), monitor and manage devices remotely, and deploy validated kiosk solutions.
    • Partnership with 9 verified kiosk and digital signage partners
    • The ability to deploy the kiosk solutions on your existing hardware by first using Chrome OS Flex (currently in early access), a version of Chrome OS that can be installed on existing Windows and Mac hardware.

The Google lead who leads product management for Chrome OS commercial experiences is available to be interviewed on:

Details behind the new Chrome OS capabilities an specific use cases across industries

How the integrated tech solutions work to benefit both kiosk employees and their customers


  • Early Access To Google Chrome OS Flex
  • News Release by Google
  • Digital Signage perspective by sixteen-nine
  • Trison perspective from Sixteen Nine
    • Critchley notes 2015 intro
    • Notes higher problem incidence using Windows to just display content
    • Conclusions — Chrome OS doesn’t do it all, yet. We still need to use Windows for 6-output devices, or similar edge use-cases, but, the recently launched Chrome OS Flex is now delivering a significant ability to enable these PC devices to run a fully verified Chrome OS environment, and migrate completely away from Windows. By installing Chrome OS Flex onto older PC or Mac devices, we are also able to extend the life of older networks significantly, and remove the additional overheads associated with Windows into the bargain.

Google Release

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