Exploring the Frontiers of AV Technology at InfoComm 2024: An Era Defined by AI

At Newtech Group, we constantly seek the latest innovations that can transform the way our clients interact with technology. Our CEO, Susana Alvarez Vitale, shares her experience, allowing us to dive into the upcoming technological revolutions.
Exploring the Frontiers of AV Technology at InfoComm 2024: An Era Defined by AI

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The Promise of Artificial Intelligence

InfoComm 2024 stood out for its focus on artificial intelligence, highlighting how this technology is starting to permeate every aspect of the audiovisual industry. From advanced solutions that simplify the operation of AV systems to interfaces that anticipate user needs, AI is setting a new standard of interaction and functionality.

Smart Systems: Artificial intelligence not only enhances the efficiency of AV systems but also makes them more accessible and customizable. Systems that learn and adapt to user behavior promise to revolutionize our interaction with technology, making every experience more intuitive and satisfying.

Enhanced Interactivity: Thanks to AI, user interfaces become more dynamic and responsive. The technology's ability to understand and anticipate user needs radically transforms how we interact with devices, from automatic audio and video adjustments to personalized recommendations.

Deep Analysis: Another highlight at InfoComm was AI's ability to provide insights based on real-time data collection and analysis. This functionality is invaluable for companies looking to better understand usage trends and optimize their resources.

Collaboration Tools: In a world where hybrid work has become the norm, AI-driven collaboration tools are essential to maintaining productivity and team cohesion. The integration of these tools facilitates seamless collaboration, allowing teams to work together more effectively, regardless of distance.

Collaboration and Connection

At InfoComm 2024, leading companies such as Logitech Business, Microsoft, and i3-Technologies presented significant advances in audiovisual and collaboration technology. Logitech Business showcased its new range of AI-enhanced conferencing devices, designed to automate sound and video calibration, improving user experience in hybrid work environments. Microsoft, on the other hand, demonstrated how its advanced collaboration tools are integrating deeper data analysis and machine learning solutions to optimize project management and real-time decision-making. Finally, i3-Technologies impressed with its next-generation interactive displays that dynamically adapt to educational and business needs, offering versatile solutions to enhance engagement and interactivity in any learning or corporate environment.

These innovations underscore the ongoing commitment of these companies to advancing collaboration technology, setting new industry standards, and expanding what is possible in terms of communication and operational efficiency.

The Future of AI in AV Technology

The keynote speech, delivered by a leading industry expert, delved into the impact of AI on AV technology and provided a fascinating perspective on what lies ahead. His words not only inspired but also reaffirmed our commitment to integrating these innovations into our solutions.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in making InfoComm 2024 such an enriching experience. From innovators and exhibitors to attendees who shared our enthusiasm, each contributed to making this event a milestone for the AV industry.


At Newtech Group, we are excited about the future that artificial intelligence holds for audiovisual technology. The advancements seen at InfoComm 2024 not only expand our current capabilities but also open new possibilities to innovate and enhance the way we live and work. We will continue exploring these technologies and sharing our discoveries.

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