Earning a Seat at The Table

In this Commercial Integrator special feature, Amala Reddie shares the extraordinary women of commercial AV who speak on their successes, their activism and the continuing push for an inclusive industry.
Earning a Seat at The Table

Women have long been powerhouse contributors to the integration industry. Presently, there are women at all levels of the industry, including those working as integrators, marketers, AV consultants, executive managers and CEOs. Yet, despite the awe-inspiring accomplishments of women in our industry, there’s so much more that we can contribute. Too many women — especially women of color — still miss out on various opportunities. The push for diversity and equal representation has been ongoing for decades. Organizations such as AVIXA Women’s Council, Women in Tech, Women in AV and others continuously work to provide a platform and amplify voices that are too easily marginalized in a male-dominated industry.

Today, however, it’s about more than just having a platform. Women are looking for a seat at the table…a seat from which their professional achievements can be seen and heard.

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