Drive Thru Menu Board – Peerless AV Case Study

Ordering coffee at BigFoot Java, a popular coffee chain in the Pacific Northwest, is now even more quick and convenient.
Drive Thru Menu Board – Peerless AV Case Study

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Alongside EcoDigital Media, we created an elevated, digitized drive-thru experience by installing our Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. By installing this solution in 112 different BigFoot Java locations, individual stores can now remotely swap out signage to reflect new offerings, sale prices, sold-out products, and much more.

Thanks to the built-in Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display in these menu boards, customers at this 24/7 drive-thru will get a bright and crisp view of the menu at all times.

Learn more now:  Case Study Link

Drive thru Menu Board Overview

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6 months ago

Great innovation my job but my  Birth occupation