Discover How USC Revolutionized Learning and Collaboration

Joe Way, PhD, CTS demonstrates how DTEN has enhanced the higher education experience
Discover How USC Revolutionized Learning and Collaboration

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Posted by Jimmy Woo, Account Executive, Higher Education at DTEN on LinkedIn

"For the students, the DTENs have changed the way they look at collaboration," explains @Joe Way, AV Director at USC. "No longer is a group study space just a whiteboard and someone's laptop. No longer are we stuck with markers on a whiteboard that have has to be cleaned every day. It's an interactive experience now. They're able to collaborate with their classmates and peers. They're able to mark it in real-time, save it, email it, and it's changed everything they're able to do."

Learn more about how Way and team resolved the challenges of hybrid and remote learning for students and faculty campus-wide in this 2 minute video case study.

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about 2 years ago

I love myself some DTENs!