DeskWall revolutionizes renovation of San Luis de Potosí Bypass Control Center

META, a member of the Valoran Group, partnered with GESAB to undertake a significant upgrade of the San Luis de Potosí highway bypass control center. This critical toll facility required an overhaul to enhance productivity, efficiency, and ergonomics for its operators.
DeskWall revolutionizes renovation of San Luis de Potosí Bypass Control Center

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Before the renovation, the control room was equipped with conventional office furniture, inadequate wiring systems, and a non-ergonomic setup, hindering the efficiency and comfort of the workers. Recognizing these limitations, the GESAB team proposed a comprehensive 360-degree project to modernize the control room to meet the highest operational standards. Despite the space constraints of the control room, our solutions helped maintain both its aesthetics and functionality.

Ergonomic Furniture:

Advantis NG control consoles with sit & stand systems were installed, as well as complementary ergonomic chairs, large curved monitors, and lockers which provided enhanced ergonomics, operator comfort and efficiency.

Advanced Information Management:

DeskWall, the innovative information and visualization management platform from GESAB, was integrated into each operational position. This platform streamlined the handling of large volumes of information, reducing the need for conventional computers and excess workplace connections.
Due to spatial constraints, a standard videowall was not feasible. Instead, a large format screen paired with the DataWall videowall content manager was deployed, ensuring dynamic and agile content management.

The final outcome is a radically transformed control center that enhances operator efficiency, ergonomics, and safety. The upgraded space now aligns with the highest standards of quality, ergonomics, efficiency, and cybersecurity, capable of supporting the critical operations of the San Luis de Potosí bypass. Explore more about this project and our solutions HERE.

If you would like to have a meeting with one of our experts to discover everything GESAB can do for your control room, pick the time slot that suits better for you HERE!

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