Delivering AV Projects Faster and at Lower Cost

Delivering AV Projects Faster and at Lower Cost

AV integrators and distributors are finding success with a new and more collaborative distribution model, known as strategic point of distribution.

In this month’s AV Magazine, Wesco’s Phil Langley explains how this model can reduce costs, increase efficiencies and boost project profits.

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Go to the profile of Adam Levy
about 1 month ago

Pro A/V distribution, albeit local, regional, national or on a global scale has never been more important or impactful for any commercial end user. Within this article Wesco Anixter's Phil Langley goes into some detail on how and why working with the right Pro A/V distribution partner can have serious implications from timing, cost reductions and even environmental impacts! 

There is a lot of great information and perspective here!

Go to the profile of Robert Caldwell
about 1 month ago

Excellent article. Perhaps recent supply chain issues helped expose this opportunity for distributors to become the kind of strategic partner you describe so well.