Data Protection and Privacy

Standardise Information Security to Manage Privacy Risks
Data Protection and Privacy

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Information Security is now a critical business survival concern. Every day, organisations of all sizes are being targeted sporadically. Threat actor have never been so successful at breaching enterprise security and compromising information and data assets. Consequently, regulatory, and legislative compliance on information, data security and privacy have become more complex and stringent. For instance, Data Privacy Manager has reported " a year-on-year increase in aggregate reported GDPR fines of 50%, while ad-tech and behavioural advertising were a top enforcement priority in 2022”.

This fine issued to Meta - is a huge dent on its  revenue, but the reputational damage is unquantifiable. 

 What could you do?

✔ Standardise Information Security

✔ Reduce Privacy and Data Protection Risks

✔ Avoid Financial and Reputational Damage

✔ Gain Customer Confidence

✔ Retain a Competitive Edge

✔ Grow Your Business

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