Credit Contributors (NEW FEATURE!)– Tip # 26

Credit Contributors (NEW FEATURE!)– Tip # 26

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A terrific new feature has been added! When posting content, you now have the capability of adding one or more co-authors. This could be effective if you’re collaborating on an article with colleagues or posting on behalf of an organization and wish to credit each contributor.

Here’s an example of a feature authored by Peter Hansen and Joé Lloyd: Pro AV: Are Women Fully Welcome? Click through to the post and note how you can click on both the authors’ names.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Any Xchange member, whether an individual or organization, can be noted.
  • When creating a post, the feature is located in the right-hand panel just below the Channel and Room tabs. Click “Contributors” and begin typing a name into the search box. Select the individual or organization once it appears.
  • Once the post is opened, each member’s name will appear and be a clickable link to their profile, providing a great opportunity to follow the authors.
  • The content will appear on the Author’s profile as well as on each of the contributors’ profiles.

What do you think of this latest addition? Do you have suggestions for any additional features that would enhance the community and the Xchange experience? Please submit them!

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