Building the Metaverse

Inquiring forecasters want to know, will it bring growth to pro AV?
Building the Metaverse

I had the honor of being interviewed by Tim Kridel of AV Magazine for an article on the Metaverse and the opportunities it may present for pro AV. Check out Tim's article here: AV Technology Enters the Metaverse. It offers a balanced perspective on how it both is and isn't a potential driver of future growth. And of course, once you've read it, chime in here with your thoughts! What you say here could impact future industry forecasts we publish in IOTA

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about 1 year ago

I agree that it's never too early to begin thinking about where pro AV fits into the Metaverse! The concept of "digital twins" is an interesting one. Did you know Las Vegas is in the process of creating a digital twin as well? 

One aspect I hope will be improved upon soon are some of the VR headsets themselves as they can feel bulky and don't always fit users perfectly. But I am curious to see what the future holds!