Builders Using Projection Mapping To Show & Market Floor Plans For Residential & Commercial

Overhead projection allows commercial and residential customers to physically walk floor plans
Builders Using Projection Mapping To Show & Market Floor Plans For Residential & Commercial

Digital signage and interactive screen technology have been used for years to help market both commercial and residential real estate properties at facilities like presentation centers. Being able to view photo slideshows and videos is helpful, as are things like 3D/360 degree movies, in getting a sense of the look, feel and scale of a building.

But architects and builders are also using life-size projection to let potential buyers and renters physically walk through a floor plan.

A video on Linkedin got me into a bit of rabbit hole, discovering several companies going at the concept of using warehouse spaces, overhead projectors and edge blending software to do projections of architectural plans.

An Australian company called Lifesize Plans has even patented its concept and is marketing franchises.

Integrator Vision One, also in Australia, has a very technical post online about how it went at the challenge, using six 12K Epson projectors.

It's an interesting concept. Not cheap, certainly, but much, much cheaper than physically building a roster of model homes with different plans and scales. With this, countless floor plans could be shown in one space, so buyers could try out different ideas and designs.

It would be particularly interesting in commercial real estate, as the decision-makers leasing a floor that's just a shell could walk, analyze and suggest revisions based on flow, size and location.

Overhead projection creates the modest problem of casting the shadows of the people walking around. That could be solved by using LED floors, but projection is going to be less cost and higher resolution - which be critical in showing things like drawings and measurements.

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