AVIXA Foundation Scholarships Available

Help us spread the word about this tremendous opportunity for the students of the AV Community!
AVIXA Foundation Scholarships Available

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The AVIXA Foundation Scholarships are available for students in the #AVIndustry to apply for through September 2nd. Please help the Foundation Board spread the word to eligible students by sharing this content in your social networks!

Any #AVTweeps and #AVIXA friends wishing to share the content may reach out to Chris Fitzpatrick for an e-mail with the Social Posts, or just share from your individual networks. For a look at the LinkedIn post, please check here!

The #elAVate scholarship supports the growth of #women and #genderequality in the #audiovisual and #integratedexperience industry.

The #MichaelVergauwen scholarship honors the legacy of the late COO of AVI Systems and long-time #AVIXA board member. It is aimed at students in pursuit of a technical or advanced degree towards an audiovisual career.

The #Mosaic Scholarship focuses on the idea that #AVisforEveryone. This scholarship works in partnership with the #AVIXADiversity Council and recognizes individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, races, gender identities, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, veterans status, disabilities, and national origins, whose imagination and thinking will influence the future of our global industry.

Thank you for your support and effort!

On behalf of the AVIXA Foundation Board,

Chris W. Fitzpatrick

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