AV is changing the Super Bowl | AV Reacts

Hear how AV technology has evolved over the life of the most watched sports broadcast of all time.
AV is changing the Super Bowl | AV Reacts

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One of the most popular broadcasts on planet Earth is the Super Bowl. This year, we had some subject matter experts in live entertainment, broadcast, and networked solutions react to the ways they saw technology used in Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

Technologist @REBECCA SULLINS   says:

"...we've watched the rise of easy and ubiquitous technology, right? Everywhere we look now, everybody has a video wall. Everybody has all of these fancy things... big lights, whatever. And for so long, it was presented in the story as 'Hey, look at the shiny new object over here.... You need to stare at this... "

AV and technology as a whole is now a supporting character in this entire story that we're trying to tell.

From AV Reacts: Super Bowl LVIII: How AV is Evolving the Game, February 20, 2024
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