AV industry awards report

We've just published our annual report on AV industry awards. It's not pretty. Almost all awards are not competently judged. The Las Vegas Sphere project may cause a problem for a number of awards in 2024.

In general, industry awards offer a very good way to get yourself some publicity, but in many cases you can’t seriously claim that your win was adequately and fairly judged.

AV and broadcast industry awards in 2023

Many industry awards need a shake-up. They need to be much more honest, open and competent. They need to properly embrace innovation, green issues and newcomers to the industry. Younger people need to attend their events. They need to properly explain why each winner won and be gracious when receiving complaints or criticism. They also need to move away from being almost entirely judged by middle aged white men.

The almost complete lack of interest and competence in promoting environmental initiatives is shocking.

In 2024 the Las Vegas Sphere may cause a headache for several awards. We identified at least 24 awards that the project could win. Awards organisers need to seriously think about how to deal with the fact that many others may not enter in multiple categories.

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3 months ago

If you go further into our report you'll see charts listing repeat winners over nine years of data. Some awards have very high proportions of repeat winners.

Definitely some interesting insights here! As AV grows, so does the need for a bigger workforce, and ideally that means building strong introductory pathways. Part of that is making the material accessible, which a number of organizations do, but the other part of that is actively encouraging experienced voices in the field to support and uplift newer professionals. Ideally, this translates to everything you've mentioned here: More inclusive award processes, a more diverse panel of judges for them, and initiatives that are consistently informed by relevant perspectives!