AV Howard: the Future of Learning?

AV Howard: the Future of Learning?

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A south-west London pupil with cancer is being helped to keep up with school lessons by an interactive robot.

Howard's school attendance had dropped below 50% after he started intensive weekly chemotherapy in January, following his diagnosis of a rare kind of arm cancer in December.

But since then, the 12-year-old, who attends a school in Twickenham, was introduced to an interactive avatar and audio visual robot called 'AV Howard' and he has been able to attend lessons from home or hospital by sending his electronic double in his place.

Find out here how teachers and students have integrated AV Howard into lessons.

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Go to the profile of Suley Usman
13 days ago

Great story about using robots for inclusion, with the emphasis being on AV. I was curious about the technology and, after a little research, I found the 'AV Howard' manufacturer's website in case other readers want to learn more about it: https://www.noisolation.com/?r=0.

They appear to be fully focused on the education market and they offer schools rental or purchase options.

Their explainer video on the home page does a good job telling visitors about the robot.

Go to the profile of Carla Charlton
13 days ago

Thanks Suley. It's fascinating and cannot wait to see how this develops.